Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jimmy’s Engagement

The talk of the town these days is about Gamal Mubarak’s engagement. Finally, he’s ‎getting engaged to a hottie 20 years his junior. Everybody’s talking about the venue of ‎the engagement party, the dress the bride ordered from Paris, the ring, the girl’s family, ‎etc….. In typical fashion, Egyptians have started to make fun of the event. I found some ‎great stuff in the readers’ comments section of the Al Arabiya article on the event. My picks:‎

ألف مبروك يا جيمي و بالرفاء و البنين أهم حاجة ماتكونش البنت طمعانة في مصر قصدي في ثروتك

الف مبروك يا جيمى يادوبك 42 سنه لسه مكون نفسك ومجهز الشقه الله يكون فى عونك‏

جيمى عندة 40 سنة ولم يتزوج لحد دلوقتى اذا دل فانة يدل على انة راجل عصامى حاول يبنى نفسة بنفسة لحد ما ‏وصل للمنصب الكبير اللى هو فية‎ ‎
‎ ‎
القفص+ دخول جمال مبارك القفص الذهبي = ا علان مملكه مصر ‏ayman nour ‎دخول


Safiya said...

Any chance we can see the comments in English? Please!

Reformed Cynic said...

The best one I've heard so far is a poem improvised by Ahmed Fouad Negm at his monthly Sakia reading
(warning: not for the faint-hearted):

مبروك يا عريسنا...يابو شنا و رنه
يا و اخدنا وراثه...افرح و اتهني
و اطلع من جنه حود علي جنه
...مش فارقه معانا و لا هاريه بدنا
...و لا تعبا قلوبنا و لا فاقعه ب*انا

يا عريس الغفله اطلب و اتمني
ما حناش كارهينك...لكن عارفينك
هاتكمل دينك...و تطلع دينا

via Tomanbay

GC said...


I'm not that good in translating humor, but here's a shot:

- Congrats Jimmy. Hope the girl isn't after Egypt, sorry your wealth (i.e. he owns Egypt).

- 42 years old and you could only afford to get married - we feel for you.

- Ayman Nour going to jail + Gamal Mubarak going into the golden cage (marriage) = the establishment of the kingdom of Egypt.

They don't sound that funny in English :)

Safiya said...

Thank you very much for translating them. They're not laugh out loud funny but they did make me smirk which was probably the intention!

It reminds me of t.v interview of a young pretty woman who married a much older man. The interviewer asked "So what attracted you to the millionaire Mr...?"

Anonymous said...

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